The Subterranean #1 available on Kindle Fire
The Subterranean #2 available on Kindle Fire

HERE ARE A FEW ITEMS you might want to own, including classics books that will help comic creators draw, write, and produce better comics. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Many thanks!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE a poster version of the first Subterranean comic buy it here. There are many sizes available. A 16"x 24" version is $19.95

Screenwriting Tips, You Hack This book is well written, informative, and occasionally hilarious. There are specific tips covering format and style as well as advice about basic plot structure such as inciting incident and dark point. Bennett is not only a screenwriter but was also a professional reader of screenplays. Which means he reviewed screenplays and made brief synopses for Hollywood producers and directors. This background is ideal for someone offering tips on how to create a screenplay that will ultimately get produced. He knows what will get your screenplay rejected, including a vast array of pet peeves that plague the profession.

CYPHER (graphic novel) If you enjoy alternative comics you might want to add this to your collection. It is quite reasonable now, especially if you have Amazon Prime. 112 pages, black and white, in a scratchboard style.
STORY (how to write screenplays) This is one of the most complete descriptions on how to write screenplays. Some feel it is a bit dogmatic but I like artists to express their views powerfully. If I disagree I simply ignore their advise. You get lots of theory in this book which will be great fodder as you develop your own story writing theories. Probably not the only book on screenplay writing you need but one of the best. Good companion to Screenwriting Tips, You Hack.

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