IT WASN'T EASY SWITCHING from the surrealistic, alternative-comic style of Cypher to the mainstream, superhero-style of The Subterranean. It took me about fifteen pages to evolve the current style. Once I discovered the right look I went back and revised nearly every panel.

The superhero genre demands a specific look. If I diverged too far from the expectations of the genre I felt I would lose my audience. The experimental style of Cypher was incongruent with the world of The Subterranean. Which highlights a problem of genre fiction. I have to conform to the genre while simultaneously defying convention and adding the unexpected. It's a paradox. I have to obey the rules while breaking the rules.

This new work is a complete divergence from my previous comics contribution and I hope few will be disappointed. I agree with Bill Cosby who said he didn't know the key to success but he knew the key to failure; try to please everybody. I think the key to success in this current project is to embrace the new rules and have fun in harmony with this newly invented world.

Brad Teare

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