Monday, May 21

Blogging with Dynamic Views

When I started the Subterranean project my intent was to post every page of the 128 page graphic novel online. I didn't foresee that such ambition would create technical problems and make the story extremely difficult to read with any sense of continuity (since I only posted two pages a week).

A few months into the project Blogger introduced a format called Dynamic Views. I loved the Dynamic Views idea perhaps too much. It's proposed ability to scroll from page to page seemed perfect for comics. But it never worked as advertised as an online comic viewer.

The main reason I still find Dynamic Views interesting after having suffered so much with their beta version is that it works really, really well on the iPhone. If you haven't tried it you should check it out. Unlike other blog formats you can easily read and view everything on the small screen.

Another reason I stuck with Dynamic Views is the translate feature. If you're reading this blog and English isn't your first language try translating it into your native tongue by clicking the top tab on the right (on the home page). Note: translation doesn't work well on the iPhone.

Dynamic Views never worked as a comic reader as I hoped it would because Blogger never got the page-to-page arrows to work properly. But someday when page-to-page scrolling works it will be an excellent comic reader. Until then I will continue to publish The Subterranean to Kindle Fire, Color Nook, Kobo, and the iBookstore via Graphicly. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do.

NOTE: As of 7 September 2012 I have reverted back to the regular, non-Dynamic Views blog format. Blogger never got the comments to work properly, a feature I decided I couldn't live without. So as of this date Dynamic Views is still not ready for prime time.

Brad Teare May 2012

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