Saturday, August 31

Subterranean Posters!!!

Subterranean posterA friend of a friend is having a table at the Salt Lake City Comicon and he wants to sell Subterranean Posters. They'll be going for $20 a piece and I have one of each cover of #1 to #3. He will also be giving out SubT cards so you can have easy access to either the free iTunes editions (for iPhone or iPad) or the free comics on Amazon (for Kindle and Kindle Fire). A display copy of The Subterranean #1 will also be there for you to thumb through. Hope you enjoy it.

The Subterranean Poster #1 is $15 plus $5 shipping and is printed on quality canvas. Very cool!

I only printed up a very limited supply so first come, first serve. The SLC Comicon is shaping up to be a first class event with over 25,000 participants already registered. I'm going to try to be there Friday around noon. See you then!

Brad Teare August 2013

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