Thursday, June 21

Kindle Fire vs. iPad

WHEN AMAZON made The Subterranean #1 a free offering over the Father's Day weekend I expected downloads to increase. With all the promo behind the Kindle Fire I also expected the Kindle downloads to beat iPod downloads. However when the stats rolled in iPad/iPhone downloads beat Kindle FIre downloads three to one. Kindle Fire downloads for a single day exceeded 110 (on Father's Day) but still didn't surpass the iPad totals.

It will be an interesting contest to see which company wins the eReader battle. Until then it seems prudent to keep a foot in each market.

Next week the Subterranean will go live on the Kobo (Europe's leading eReader) and the Nook Color (Barnes & Nobles' offering). I'm not expecting them to rival the Kindle Fire or the iPad, but who knows?

Brad Teare June 2012

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