Monday, June 11

Calling all SubT fans!

AMAZON PICKED THE SUBTERRANEAN #1 for a Daily Deal this morning. Ranking soared from 4 million to around two thousand (which later dropped to 4K). The review by James from Madison, Wisconsin says "The artwork here is very stylish and quite good . . . and serves this story well . . . this comic was clearly designed specifically for the Kindle Fire." (Note: It is also available for free on the Kindle for Android).

As you can imagine this is a huge moment. If you consider yourself a fan of SubT and have friends with a Kindle Fire or an Android please consider forwarding the link below. MANY THANKS!

PS- I had no idea how The Subterranean would look on the Kindle Fire as I didn't test on the Fire (since I don't own one). However I had been reading several comics titles (the New 52 Batman, primarily) and often found the text too small. I was especially perplexed by the convention of making voice-over text at least a point size smaller. As always I decided to opt for maximum communication rather than convention.

Brad Teare 11 June 2012, 7:16 pm

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